ignal makes long-term investments in established businesses media and communications industries. We look for investment opportunities in businesses with these key attributes:

Established Businesses with Demonstrable Cash Flow
Signal invests in established businesses. We seek companies with proven technologies that meet existing customer requirements. We typically look for a history of at least three years of consistent cash flow.

Strong Core Management
Signal finances seasoned mangers who have built strong businesses and who have the drive and skill set to manage their companies through the rapid changes inherent in the technology industry. We hold management to a high standard of integrity and competence. Key managers typically own a substantial amount of equity, so we measure our success on the same terms – the long-term appreciation of the value of the company's equity.

Competitive Advantage
Signal invests in businesses that derive a competitive advantage from a franchise, a technology, or technology-based service. We look for businesses that can create sustainable competitive advantages through either high switching costs or economies of scale.

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